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Miller Computer Rankings Week 7
by Brian Miller (NCAA Football)
Posted on October 16, 2006, 4:28 PM

Welcome to the Miller Computer Rankings. For a technical explanation of the rankings, click here. It’s important to realize the nature of my poll, it’s not intended to predict a team’s performance or who’ll likely play for the national championship, but to evaluate a team’s performance over the year, which is the only objective criteria we do have in terms of determining the best team. At around the halfway point in the season the data has started to work itself out, but the top three teams are all still tightly packed together. Each week the rankings will be broken down in three parts, the Top 25 and Bottom 5 along with brief analysis and a link to the complete updated rankings and ratings at the bottom.

Top 25

1. USC (6-0) – They keep winning, it might not be pretty, but it’s what they have to do. Expect their early quality wins like Nebraska and the Washington schools to not look as impressive after these next few weeks, but they still have Cal, Oregon, and Notre Dame left on the schedule.
2. Michigan (7-0) – Penn State (4-3) has an incredibly stringy defense that’s held both OSU and Michigan to season low in points (OSU scored 14 on INT returns). But their offense just isn’t good enough for them to beat a team like Michigan.
3. Ohio State (7-0) – Dominated Michigan State (3-4) in every phase of the game and looked the most impressive over this past weekend on the unbeatens, but the Spartans really don’t look impressive at all post Notre Dame.
4. Florida (6-1) – Dropped from the ranks of the unbeaten losing to Auburn, but their wins over LSU and Tennessee keep them above Auburn whose wins come against LSU and Florida.
5. Auburn (6-1) – Have Georgia (5-2) and Alabama (5-2) left on the schedule, but other than those two their schedule looks by extremely beatable. They basically need Arkansas to take them out of the SEC West race.
6. Louisville (6-0) – Struggled with a Cincinnati (3-4) team that has made it a point to give trouble to top flight teams this year. However, Brohm is back for the Cardinals and hopefully has a chance to get back into rhythm before Lousiville’s Big East challenges.
7. California (6-1) – Didn’t look as nearly dominant against Washington State (4-3) as they had against lesser opponents. It’s easy to wonder which team will show up any given week, the team that got crushed by Tennessee, the team that struggled with Washington State or the team that smashed Oregon.
8. Notre Dame (5-1) – Took a week off and dropped a few spots due to inactivity, but get shots against UCLA (4-2) next week to continue to prove themselves in the argument as the top one loss team in the land.
9. Rutgers (6-0) – Beat Navy (5-2) this past week in quite the dominating fashion, but Navy’s QB was injured in the first quarter and when you’re running the Triple Option the QB is much more than a game manager. Nonetheless, Rutgers looked good in their win.
10. Boise State (7-0) – Had a closer game with New Mexico State (2-4) than they should’ve which makes me wonder if they can still get through their final five games unbeaten and grab a BCS bid.
11. Tennessee (5-1) – Bye week for the Vols as they prepare for a touch four week stretch including LSU and Arkansas.
12. Arkansas (5-1) – Wasted a week beating DIAA Southeast Missouri State around the ears. Not the best way to follow up an upset of a top rated team. And games against Ole Miss (2-5) and UL-Monroe (1-5) in the next two weeks won’t impress either.
13. Oregon (5-1) – Bounced back after the loss to Cal by taking down UCLA (4-2) in an efficient fashion. Three of the four next games should be tough for the Ducks, Portland State is the one that won’t be.
14. Boston College (5-1) – Beat a Virginia Tech (4-2) team that didn’t look like the Beamer Ball playing Hokies of old. But a win is a win and BC is still well positioned to make a run at the ACC crown.
15. West Virginia (6-0) – A huge win this past week over Syracuse (3-4) or not. Every week I find it increasingly unlikely that West Virginia will be able to make a run to the top of the standings.
16. Texas (6-1) – Fell behind Baylor (3-4) early and then beat the Bears to within an inch of their sad little lives. Next week they get a stiffer challenge facing Nebraska.
17. Clemson (6-1) – Destroyed Temple (0-7). On that note, I’m putting together a team of college students from all over the country to take on Temple in football, please e-mail if interested. I’d imagine the line for the betting being -7 towards the slapped together team.
18. Tulsa (5-1) – Beat East Carolina (2-4) and continue to confuse me with their presence here.
19. Nebraska (6-1) – Finished their odyssey of beating Kansas and Iowa teams with their victory over Kansas State (4-3). They can prove themselves as contenders this week against Texas or they can come back to Earth where they belong.
20. Texas A&M (6-1) – The 12th Man led A&M to victory taking Missouri from the ranks of the unbeaten. They should pull through the next two weeks with wins, but their final three games are ugly.
21. LSU (5-2) – Destructinated (I’m running out of synonyms for crushed so I’m going to start making them up) Kentucky (3-4) as all good SEC teams should
22. Georgia Tech (5-1) – Took a week off to gear up to go to Death Valley to challenge Clemson in what will be a key ACC battle.
23. Wisconsin (6-1) – Silently looking quite dangerous in the Big 10 and with Iowa’s loss to Indiana have supplemented them as the third best team in the conference.
24. Missouri (6-1) – Still control their own destiny in the Big 12 North, but they can’t afford another slip-up and they have to beat Nebraska when they face-off.
25. Wake Forest (6-1) – Have proved more resilient that previously expected this time doing what Boston College and Florida State (4-2) couldn’t do by beating NC State (3-3). The Demon Deacons have pluck; we’ll see how far it carries them this year.

Bottom 5

115. Miami-Ohio (1-6) – The first team to win a game, but still hold a spot in the Bottom 5. Congratulations Miami, you’ve proven the age old axiom that beating Buffalo means absolutely nothing.
116. Temple (0-7) – See Clemson, seeking candidates to play Wing Back in an option offense.
117. Duke (0-6) – Got blown out by Florida State, it’s what the Blue Devils do. If I was Duke I’d simply start recruiting even more basketball players and put them on football scholarships and have them “walk-on” to the basketball program.
118. Florida International (0-7) – Since Miami isn’t ranked any more I’ll use FIU’s space to say I haven’t been this disgusted with two college programs for a long time. The ACC suspended 13 Hurricanes for one game, their next, at Duke. If Miami wants to even pretend like they’re addressing the situation they need to suspend several of the more noticeable culprits for at least several more games if not the rest of the season.
119. Eastern Michigan (0-6) – Fell to Bowling Green (4-3), but that didn’t compromise their spot at the bottom, congrats to the Eagles may they continue to prosper at the bottom.

Complete Rankings and Ratings

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