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2007 Mock Draft - Version 1
by Brett Berliner (NFL)
Posted on March 27, 2007, 1:20 PM

1. Oakland - Jamarcus Russell, QB, LSU. Seems like a no-brainer, but really, the Raiders could go in a lot of different directions. I think Russell just makes sense as the #1. They've got a young, talented offensive mind as coach in Lane Kiffin, and this is a good place to start. He needs time to grow, but in 5 years, is anyone going to be saying "boy, that first year, when Brady Quinn was more prepared for the NFL, that was a waste"? No. They'll be bad either way, so get the guy with more upside.

2. Detroit - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame. I don't have Quinn rated this highly, but this is where I think he's going. I don't think he's that great of a prospect and I'll admit if (when?) I'm wrong, but the Lions are STARVING for better QB play. The addition of Quinn will instantly help their offense, and with Martz at the helm, he is a good fit here.

3. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma. Cleveland has had a problem at RB since the return, and even in probably the 10 years before that. Sure, there are plenty of players peppered throughout the first day that can help here (including my boys, Tony Hunt and Antonio Pittman), but with the drafting of Jamal Lewis, this just makes sense. Peterson will come in and get the big gains, make the big plays, while Lewis gets the short yardage and late in the game, running out the clock carries (in the 5 games the Browns win). Instantly, the defense can't play up because there's a RB threat, leaving more room for the Browns strong WR corps. Now if they could only get a QB...

4. Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech. I almost went Gaines Adams here, and I think that might be the smarter pick, but let's face it - Gruden wants a strong offense, Joey Galloway is getting up there, and Michael Clayton is a #2. The addition of Johnson gives more weapons to whichever QB the Bucs pick, and more space for Cadillac Williams. They have more of a hole at DE, but you can't turn this guy down.

5. Arizona - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin. This is a no-brainer. Arizona has a terribly weak offensive line, and Thomas, while not an incredible prospect, should be a good one for a long time in this league. They have a great RB, great WRs, a great young TE and a great young QB, they just need to be able to block for them. Thomas steps in from day one at LT.

6. Washington - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson. 17 sacks last season from the Washington DLineman. Horrible. Adams has an uncanny feel for a pass rusher, and a motor that doesn't stop. He will help energize the Redskins D to play to a better standard, and likely will win defensive rookie of the year.

7. Minnesota - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State. Ignoring Calvin Johnson (since he won't be there), the Vikes really should be hoping that Gaines falls to them. Their pass rush was horrid last year, and they need an upgrade there just as much as they do at WR, but Ginn is too much like Troy Williamson for me. Still, they have such a weakness there that I think they will pick Ginn if Adams is gone.

8. Houston - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State. I don't think that Levi Brown deserves to go this high in any way, shape or form, but the Texans are trapped in a tough spot. The young guy they drafted last year to man one of the tackle spots, Charles Spencer, may never be 100% again, and Eric Winston was less than inspiring in his debut last year. He still can be a very good tackle, but this position is too much of a hole for the Texans to ignore with this pick.

9. Miami - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville. Upside is what this pick is all about. Okoye is only 19, but he's a big, fast penetrator who can really get after it. The Dolphins are missing some talent on their DL to play next to Jason Taylor, and Okoye will be a good fit in the multiple fronts that they play.

10. Atlanta - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas. The Falcons are supposedly nuts over Calvin Johnson, and would love to trade up for him, but I don't do trades in my mocks very often. Thus, if they're here and Jamaal Anderson is available, they will likely take him. Anderson is great against the pass and great against the run, and the Falcons need that, with Patrick Kerney leaving as a free agent and John Abraham being constantly injured.

11. San Francisco - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan. Branch can play in either front (3-4 or 4-3), but he's over 330 and just a big, strong boy. I think his best position in the NFL will be in the 3-4 at NT, and San Francisco could use a young guy to step in and man the most important position in a 3-4 D.

12. Buffalo - Marshawn Lynch, RB, California. I feel very confident about this pick if Lynch is here. Buffalo has Anthony Thomas pencilled in as their starting RB. Some people may devalue the RB in the NFL, but ANTHONY THOMAS. They have to upgrade.

13. St. Louis - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee. The Rams are a victim of circumstance and have to be looking into trading down or trading up. They absolutely need defensive line help here, but Adam Carriker isn't the type of guy they need, and it's way too early for any other DT prospect. Thus, I think the Rams will address their other major need - WR. Isaac Bruce is getting old, Torry Holt is on the wrong side of 30, and Kevin Curtis is gone. Meachem is a big, speedy WR who could step in as the #2 this season and eventually develop into a #1 WR.

14. Carolina - LaRon Landry, FS, LSU. Landry is a top 10 prospect who could go anywhere as high as #8 to Houston or #10 for Atlanta, but I think falls as a victim of circumstance (and a strong DB draft). He's as talented as Sean Taylor without the headcase issue. In reality, I think there's a team in the top ten that will shock us by taking him (Houston is a likely suspect), and that will probably be reflected in a future mock as more information comes out, but for now, Landry in Carolina is a great fit.

15. Pittsburgh - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska. Carriker is an interesting pick here. He likely fits best in a 3-4, which the Steelers run, but he's much more versatile than Brett Keisel or Aaron Smith, in that he could play both inside and out in a 4-3. I think the Steelers will either trade up or trade down, because I think they'll be looking here to add a RB or an OL, but there's no value here. So Carriker, by default, is a good fit, and the Steelers always seem to be one step ahead of what they need. In this case, if Keisel or Smith goes down, they're covered, if they move to a 4-3, they're covered, and otherwise, they have a replacement for Smith, who's 31, or Keisel, who is just a decent, not great, player. I'm not entirely comfortable with this pick but it'll do for now.

16. Green Bay - Reggie Nelson, FS, Florida. The Pack, I think, is praying for Lynch to fall here, but he won't drop past Buffalo at 12 (and could go higher). There's no value here at RB, and so they MUST address their DB situation. They have a few parts in Nick Collins and Al Harris, but not a whole lot behind them. I think they would like to take a corner here, but with Nelson here I don't know if they can pass him up. Although Nick Collins technically is a free safety, he's not the centerfielder type that Nelson is, and both guys are strong enough in run support to play both. Nelson could even play corner in a pinch.

17. Jacksonville - Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida St. By his current rankings, this may be a reach, but I expect Timmons to rise as draft day approaches. He's a big, strong, fast LB, and he's the #1 LB prospect in the draft. With several teams having big needs at LB above Jacksonville, he could go even earlier, but I think this is a good place for him. The Jags are short on linebacking talent, as Mike Peterson is getting old and that's about it there. Timmons can step in and play immediately, and the Jags have to, at some point, use a first round pick on a defender, right?

18. Cincinnati - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami. My instincts tell me this pick is silly - the Bengals have lacked a pass catching presence at TE since before Marvin Lewis took over, and they haven't done much about it. But I think what puts this over the edge is the actions of Chris Henry, and the departure of Kelley Washington. Right now, it's basically Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmanzoo, and they absolutely need help somewhere else to keep their high flying passing game going. That means the addition of a lethal receiving tight end. This will help much more than a 3rd or 4th WR would, and therefore I think it SHOULD be a slam dunk, but I was shocked the Bengals kept passing on TEs last year.

19. Tennessee - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU. You have Vince Young, and you lose your top receiver, what do you need? I think with this being a strong WR draft, and the Titans having such a need, they have to get somebody to help Young out. Their receiving corps, with the loss of Drew Bennett, is BARREN. Bowe can step in and contribute from day one, and will do more than just help, he will excel under Norm Chow. Don't underestimate his influence, too, Dwayne Jarrett is a very real possibility at this spot.

20. New York Giants - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan. The Giants, drafting 20th, will get their pick of the top cornerbacks, I highly believe. I personally don't think Hall or Chris Houston is the draft's top corner, I like Darrelle Revis the best, but all three are rated, in my opinion, in this area and would be a great pick. Hall is probably the most ready of the three and should step in from day one for the G-Men.

21. Denver - Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida. Denver has, for years, had issues with their pass rush. Their best pass rusher in the last 10 years, Bert Berry, didn't explode until he left for Arizona. Although Moss isn't quite the pass rusher that Gaines Adams is, and isn't close to being the complete player that Jamaal Anderson is, he's still the second best pass rusher in the draft. Speculation is that Moss will play at closer to 275 by the end of his rookie year, and if he can hold the weight, he will be a strong weakside defensive end in the NFL.

22. Dallas - Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas. Right now, the Cowboys have an extreme weak spot at free safety.. so why will they draft a corner? Anthony Henry is slowing down a bit, but he's still the centerfield type that will be able to make a successful move to FS. Thus, with the pick of a corner, the Cowboys address the FS hole. Strange? Yes, but I feel good about this type of move.

23. Kansas City - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC. Man, I'm really surprised to see Jarrett fall so much. He's not an explosive type guy necessarily, but he has much better quickness than Mike Williams, and he's getting unfairly flagged for Williams' skills. I think with this pick, the Chiefs finally get the help at receiver that they have been waiting for.

24. New England (from Seattle) - Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi. This is going to be tough, for the rest of the NFL, if Willis drops all the way to the Pats at 24. With the Pats addressing their OLB deficiency with the signing of Adalius Thomas, and now they need replacements for their ILBs. Willis can step in and excel immediately.

25. New York Jets - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas. Ross, I think, is really underrated by scouts right now. Yes, he'll be 25 when the season starts, but he's fast, smart and the most ready to play of any CB in this draft. The Jets value players with his intelligence and experience level, and they need help at corner, which is why I think this is a good fit.

26. Philadelphia - Paul Poslusnzy, LB, Penn State. Almost everyone on the Eagles that starts at LB is winding down in some fashion. Poslusnzy can step in immediately and play at any LB position (although I like him most as a SAM), and he will pick up the system quickly. He will never be a Brian Urlacher, but he's a good, strong LB who diagnoses well and plays with a lot of intensity. Lot of room in the league for a guy like Pos.

27. New Orleans - Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh. Revis is my favorite corner in the draft (followed by Aaron Ross), but he's falling, for reasons unbeknownst to me. He ran well at his pro day, and has proved he has punt returner's speed, plus, he's very physical and has great hips and recovery speed. He may not have the top end, Deion Sanders / Champ Bailey athleticism, but he compares very favorably to Marcus Trufant from a few years back. This is a guy who can step in and start.

28. New England - Michael Griffin, FS, Texas. Maybe a little high, but we've all proved that we can't really predict what the Pats will do. They have such a need at DB that it absolutely has to be addressed sometime on day one, and with two first round picks and no second round picks, they may have to reach a little. Griffin is a borderline first round pick, but a team like the Pats will overvalue a guy like this. He should be an impact player roaming the secondary for the Pats, if they give him time.

29. Baltimore - Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn. The Ravens are hurting only really in one place - offensive line. They could use some youth in the linebacking corps, but they don't need to take that early (look at Adalius Thomas and Bart Scott), so I think they grab a guy who is ready made to step in and start. Grubbs is the best guard in the draft, and with the loss of Edwin Mulitalo, the Ravens need a guy to take his place.

30. San Diego - Craig Davis, WR, LSU. Although the Chargers aren't necessarily hurting too bad at receiver (Antonio Gates is a glorified WR, and Vincent Jackson is coming on), they also don't have many holes period. They could use some DB help, but they have used so many high picks o nthe position that I look for them to go away from it, and use the deep receiver draft to nab more weapons for Philip Rivers.

31. Chicago - Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan. Staley is a young guy who is really raw, but has a lot of upside. He won't be ready to play immediately, but their line is OLD, and he has immense potential. Although Ruben Brown, Fred Miller and John Tait are all still talented, their replacements need to start being groomed, and this is the LT of the future.

32. Indianapolis - Jon Beason, LB, Miami. Tough pick here, because the Colts really need DL help, but the players available here aren't really great fits for what they need (run stopping). Thus, I think they look to replace Cato June with a linebacker who should excel in their cover 2, Beason from Miami. He isn't quite in the league of Ray Lewis, DJ Williams and Jonathan Vilma, but he's a player and will bring some much needed attitude to the Colts D.

Round 2:

33. Oakland - Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina. Get the best QB in the draft - makes sense to grab him a top WR prospect to go with him, doesn't it?

34. Detroit - Ryan Kalil, C, USC. The Lions may have solidified their tackles, but they are awful against the inside pass rush and Kalil fills a huge need.

35. Tampa Bay - Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue. Spencer may be raw, but he'll be an elite pass rusher someday in the NFL, which is good enough for the Bucs, who have nobody back there.

36. Cleveland - Tony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas. I originally had the Browns taking a corner here, but Gary Baxter will be reportedly ready for next year, and I don't like any of the guys in this area. Therefore, the Browns should take a tackle in Ugoh, who can play both LT and RT, and move Ryan Tucker inside or to the bench.

37. Chicago - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee. Although Harrell is injury prone, he is a great penetrator and fits the mold of the Chicago DTs. Tank Johnson insurance, we'll call him.

38. Arizona - Arron Sears, OG, Tennessee. The Cards could go a lot of different ways with this pick, especially since they already drafted an OLineman, but throwing two high picks at the line should instantly solidify it.

39. Houston - Brandon Meriweather, FS, Miami. Meriweather is not only an excellent fighter, he'll be the second straight second round rookie to step in and excel on the Houston D. Fills a serious, serious need.

40. Miami - Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee. Jason Allen's backfield mate at UT will look great playing next to him as the Dolphins continue to build a once tough D back up to its former glory.

41. Minnesota - Justin Blalock, OG, Texas. The Vikes come in with huge needs on the right side of their offensive line, and leave with only a hole at RT. Blalock is a great guard prospect - he doesn't have elite athleticism, but he is a punishing blocker and a good fit.

42. San Francisco - Steve Smith, WR, USC. Although less heralded than his Trojan teammate Dwayne Jarrett, Smith can still play and will provide another target for the rapidly improving Alex Smith to play with.

43. Buffalo - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State. Yes, Bills fans, there will be a drop off from Nate Clements to Marcus McCauley, but it won't be a $70 million drop off, no worries.

44. Atlanta - Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland Wilson is tough as nails and can play man or zone with no problems. He may be tiny, and can't cover bigger receivers, but anybody under 6'3" is fair game for this fireplug.

45. Carolina - Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State. Miller isn't exactly Wesley Walls - he's faster, and a better blocker. Whoever ends up throwing to Miller is going to love this pick.

46. Pittsburgh - Brian Leonard, RB, Rutgers. I don't know how confident I feel about this one, but I like Leonard and I think he's a good fit. He's more than just a blocking FB, he's a guy who could excel in a single back offense, or as the "big back" in a platoon. The Steelers have lacked that since Bettis retired, as Duce Staley failed to provide that, so I like Leonard to bring to the table the few things Willie Parker does not (size, whiteness, mostly.)

47. Green Bay - Antonio Pittman, RB, Ohio State. After striking out on Marshawn Lynch in the first round, the Pack add Ahman Green's replacement in the second with this underrated monster. He's not quite as good as Lynch, but he'll perform nonetheless and win over Packers fans' hearts.

48. Jacksonville - Daymeion Hughes, CB, California. Hughes has been dropping because of a poor 40 time - don't let it fool you. He's a great cover corner with good instincts that will excel across from Rashean Mathis and shore up a sore spot on the Jacksonville D.

49. Cincinnati - Marcus Thomas, DT, Florida. The Ben-gals need help on the D Line, and Thomas is all kinds of trouble - match made in heaven?

50. Tennessee - Eric Wright, CB, UNLV. Wright is a first round talent who did some really really bad things, but has kept his nose clean since. He may need to be flagged as a character risk, but guys with his height and talent, regardless of their past transgressions, don't fall this far.

51. New York Giants - Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn. Although RB isn't as immediate a need for the Giants, after they acquired Reuben Droughns, Irons is the type of back they don't have right now, providing some speed. Although Brandon Jacobs is very capable, he can't stretch the D like Irons can, and this would be a good compliment, here.

52. St. Louis - Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia. Johnson will be able to step right in and play for the Rams, who desperately need DL help. They're probably looking more at a tackle, but this guy at this spot is too good to pass up.

53. Dallas - Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame. The Cowboys are big fans of Charlie Weis and Notre Dame, as has been reported, and will likely continue to bring in players from there if value meets need. Harris is highly overrated at this point in time, but he could develop into a good player, and is about as good as it gets at OT at this point.

54. Kansas City - Brandon Mebane, DT, California. I don't like Mebane in the 4-3 at all, but he fits the profile of a Kansas City DL. They absolutely need help there, and I think this is a reach, but a very possible one.

55. Seattle - Eric Weddle, S, Utah. Great player - incredibly versatile. Good fit in Seattle because although their D backfield is decent, it's been injury plagued, and Weddle can play both safety positions as well as some corner.

56. Denver - Tank Tyler, DT, NC State. If this goes down, the Broncos are in good shape. Tyler is athletic and strong, and although he has weight problems, the Broncos just need him to occupy blockers to make room for Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss, which he's more than capable of.

57. Philadelphia - Aundrae Allison, WR, East Carolina. Reports are that the Eagles are happy with their WR corps - I don't see it. I know they signed Kevin Curtis, but he's really a slot receiver, and Reggie Brown needs help. Allison is a huge sleeper who can easily become their #1 if he lives up to his potential, which I believe he will.

58. New Orleans - Brandon Siler, LB, Florida. Although the Saints linebackers played remarkably well for a no-name bunch, they have no depth and no actual playmakers. Siler isn't as explosive as you'd like, but he's constantly around the ball and looking to make plays, which he does with alarming frequency, something the Saints D could really use.

59. New York Jets - LaMarr Woodley, DE/LB, Michigan. The Jets absolutely were missing a pass rush threat from the linebacking spot last year. Woodley will be a great fit in the 3-4 at OLB/DE.

60. Miami - Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State. Lose one white wide receiver, add another? Gonzalez is the ideal #2, what the 'Phins thought they were getting out of Marty Booker. He can help in the return game and is CLUTCH on third downs.

61. Baltimore - Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston. I'm not particularly sold on Kolb as being a great prospect, but a lot of NFL scouts really like the guy. Baltimore really needs to start thinking about the future, as McNair is aging and injury prone, so this pick makes a lot of sense.

62. San Diego - David Harris, LB, Michigan. Harris has tested very well, and is a much higher regarded prospect than he was at the end of the year. I think he fits nicely as an ILB in a 3-4, replacing the departed Donnie Edwards.

63. New York Jets - Ray McDonald, DE, Florida. Likely a much higher pick without the health questions, but McDonald is an ideal 3-4 end. Can step in and help immediately.

64. Tampa Bay - Tony Hunt, RB, Penn State. This might be too late for Hunt, who fits the need for a 'big back' that a lot of teams are missing. He isn't a home run threat, but he has good burst and agility for a man his size and will wear down defenses 4 yards at a time as a complement / insurance policy for Cadillac Williams.

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