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MMA Rankings for October 2009
by Scott Newman (MMA)
Posted on October 25, 2009, 11:48 AM

Another month in MMA is over and thus it’s time for another RANKINGS UPDATE!~! October saw not only a major UFC show, but also another stellar WEC offering as well as two DREAM events. There’s been some pretty big moves this month and some are more surprising than others.

Heavyweight (206lbs and above):
Champion: Fedor Emelianenko - Last fight: W vs. Andrei Arlovski - 01/24/09

1. Brock Lesnar - Last fight: W vs. Frank Mir - 07/11/09
2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Last fight: W vs. Randy Couture - 08/29/09
3. Frank Mir - Last fight: L vs. Brock Lesnar - 07/11/09
4. Randy Couture - Last fight: L vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - 08/29/09
5. Cain Velasquez - Last fight: W vs. Ben Rothwell - 10/24/09
6. Shane Carwin - Last fight: W vs. Gabriel Gonzaga – 03/07/09
7. Brett Rogers - Last fight: W vs. Andrei Arlovski – 06/06/09
8. Junior dos Santos - Last fight: W vs. Mirko Cro Cop - 09/19/09
9. Andrei Arlovski - Last fight: L vs. Brett Rogers - 06/06/09
10. Fabricio Werdum - Last fight: W vs. Mike Kyle – 08/15/09

Movements: Call it a fanboy move but I’ve moved Cain Velasquez up to the #5 spot, over Brett Rogers and Shane Carwin. My reasoning is thus – Cain has beaten two high-level guys who were recently top-ten ranked now in Kongo and Rothwell. Carwin and Rogers have beaten one each. Given that Arlovski’s previously high ranking was largely earned by his win over Rothwell, and given the way Cain beat the guy, then I feel it’s a justified move. Of course, Rogers gets a chance to jump all the way to the Champion spot next month, and Carwin a chance to jump to #1.

Light-Heavyweight (186lbs-205lbs):
Champion: Lyoto Machida - Last fight: W vs. Mauricio Rua - 10/24/09

1. Mauricio Rua - Last fight: L vs. Lyoto Machida – 10/24/09
2. Rashad Evans - Last fight: L vs. Lyoto Machida - 05/23/09
3. Quinton Jackson - Last fight: W vs. Keith Jardine - 03/07/09
4. Forrest Griffin- Last fight: L vs. Anderson Silva - 08/08/09
5. Thiago Silva - Last fight: W vs. Keith Jardine - 08/29/09
6. Rich Franklin - Last fight: L vs. Vitor Belfort – 09/19/09
7. Wanderlei Silva - Last fight: L vs. Rich Franklin - 06/13/09
8. Keith Jardine - Last fight: L vs. Thiago Silva - 08/29/09
9. Gegard Mousasi - Last fight: W vs. Renato Sobral - 08/15/09
10. Luiz Banha Cane - Last fight: W vs. Steve Cantwell - 04/18/09

Movements: Odd situation at 205lbs as Shogun has moved to the #1 spot basically for losing to Machida, as I felt (along with most people) that he won that fight. I can’t stick him in the Champion spot in good conscience due to the official decision, but I see no other choice than to move him into the #1 spot. Aside from that we’ve got no other moves, but November could see Tito Ortiz and Lil’ Nog party like it’s 2005 and return to the ranks if they win their fights with Griffin and Cane. I’ll also disgust some of you right now by saying Brandon Vera will earn a ranking if he beats Randy Couture.

Middleweight (171lbs-185lbs):
Champion: Anderson Silva - Last fight: W vs. Forrest Griffin - 08/29/09

1. Nathan Marquardt - Last fight: W vs. Demian Maia - 08/29/09
2. Dan Henderson - Last fight: W vs. Michael Bisping – 07/11/09
3. Vitor Belfort - Last fight: W vs. Rich Franklin – 09/19/09
4. Demian Maia - Last fight: L vs. Nate Marquardt - 08/29/09
5. Chael Sonnen - Last fight: W vs. Yushin Okami – 10/24/09
6. Jorge Santiago - Last fight: W vs. Kazuo Misaki - 01/04/09
7. Yushin Okami - Last fight: L vs. Chael Sonnen - 10/24/09
8. Yoshihiro Akiyama - Last fight: W vs. Alan Belcher - 07/11/09
9. Kazuo Misaki - Last fight: W vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura - 08/02/09
10. Robbie Lawler - Last fight: L vs. Jake Shields - 06/06/09

Movements: Chael Sonnen’s win over Yushin Okami moves him (and Demian Maia) up the rankings and forces Okami downwards. I’m honestly thinking of overhauling MW big time after next month largely depending on the result of Shields-Mayhem at Strike Force, as odd as that sounds. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it though. Okami and Lawler for instance are in dire need of a win given their last meaningful ones came in 2008 (particularly Lawler as his was well over a year ago now) while Santiago just needs to actually fight ASAP.

Welterweight (156lbs-170lbs):
Champion: Georges St-Pierre - Last fight: W vs. Thiago Alves - 07/11/09

1. Jon Fitch - Last fight: W vs. Paulo Thiago - 07/11/09
2. Thiago Alves - Last fight: L vs. Georges St-Pierre - 07/11/09
3. Jake Shields - Last fight: W vs. Robbie Lawler - 06/06/09
4. Paulo Thiago - Last fight: L vs. Jon Fitch – 07/11/09
5. Josh Koscheck - Last fight: W vs. Frank Trigg - 09/19/09
6. Paul Daley - Last fight: W vs. Martin Kampmann – 09/19/09
7. Martin Kampmann - Last fight: L vs. Paul Daley – 09/19/09
8. Mike Swick - Last fight: W vs. Ben Saunders - 06/13/09
9. Carlos Condit - Last fight: W vs. Jake Ellenberger – 09/16/09
10. Matt Hughes - Last fight: W vs. Matt Serra – 05/23/09

Movements: No moves at 170lbs this month as Anthony Johnson’s win over Yoshiyuki Yoshida was the lone major result. That puts him up to around #12 in my book despite the weight problems. Jake Shields will move into the MW rankings with a win over Mayhem Miller in November, so if that happens then it’ll most likely be Dan Hardy returning to the list – particularly if he manages to defeat Mike Swick. If he doesn’t then it gives Ben Saunders a chance at jumping into the bottom spot if he beats Marcus Davis. WW is so full of talent it’s amazing.

Lightweight (146lbs-155lbs):
Champion: BJ Penn - Last fight: W vs. Kenny Florian - 08/08/09

1. Diego Sanchez - Last fight: W vs. Clay Guida – 06/20/09
2. Kenny Florian - Last fight: L vs. BJ Penn - 08/08/09
3. Shinya Aoki - Last fight: W vs. Joachim Hansen - 10/06/09
4. Gray Maynard - Last fight: W vs. Roger Huerta - 09/19/09
5. Frankie Edgar - Last fight: W vs. Sean Sherk – 05/23/09
6. Sean Sherk - Last fight: L vs. Frankie Edgar - 05/23/09
7. Eddie Alvarez - Last fight: W vs. Katsunori Kikuno - 10/25/09
8. Clay Guida - Last fight: L vs. Diego Sanchez – 06/20/09
9. Joe Stevenson - Last fight: W vs. Spencer Fisher – 10/24/09
10. Tyson Griffin - Last fight: W vs. Hermes Franca – 09/19/09

Movements: No movements at 155lbs this month as Shinya Aoki overcame Joachim Hansen to cement himself as the top Japanese-based LW, while Hansen’s loss means he doesn’t sneak back into the rankings. Alvarez picked up another solid win in his return to Japan but really needs to face better competition in my opinion. I’m of the belief now that while the top talent is probably equal in most areas, the UFC is putting its top talent against one another (see Guida-Florian, Maynard-Diaz and Penn-Sanchez for instance) while the top Japanese talent is tending to fight tomato cans (Kawajiri-Barracuda) and so the rankings are going to continue to be US-dominated (which includes Strike Force as they are following UFC’s path with their matchmaking).

Featherweight (136lbs-145lbs):
Champion: Mike Brown - Last fight: W vs. Urijah Faber – 06/07/09

1. Urijah Faber - Last fight: L vs. Mike Brown – 06/07/09
2. Leonard Garcia - Last fight: W vs. Jameel Massouh – 08/09/09
3. Jose Aldo - Last fight: W vs. Cub Swanson – 06/07/09
4. Josh Grispi - Last fight: W vs. Jens Pulver – 06/07/09
5. Bibiano Fernandes - Last fight: W vs. Hiroyuki Takaya – 10/06/09
6. Raphael Assuncao - Last fight: W vs. Yves Jabouin – 10/10/09
7. Mackens Semerzier - Last fight: W vs. Wagnney Fabiano – 10/10/09
8. Wagnney Fabiano - Last fight: L vs. Mackens Semerzier – 10/10/09
9. Hatsu Hioki - Last fight: W vs. Masanori Kanehara – 08/02/09
10. Cub Swanson - Last fight: L vs. Jose Aldo – 06/07/09

Movements: Mackens Semerzier’s crazy upset of Wagnney Fabiano earns him a ranking and moves five others up by proxy. Bibiano Fernandes’ victory in the DREAM GP was to be expected as he was the favourite going in, but Takaya’s surprising surge to the final shows, in my opinion, the strength of the WEC’s division at 145lbs as he was firmly beaten twice there, by #2 ranked Leonard Garcia and #10 ranked Cub Swanson. Oh, and I’m so pumped for Brown-Aldo it’s not even funny!

Bantamweight (126lbs-135lbs):
Champion: Brian Bowles - Last fight: W vs. Miguel Angel Torres – 08/09/09

1. Miguel Angel Torres - Last fight: L vs. Brian Bowles – 08/09/09
2. Takeya Mizugaki - Last fight: W vs. Jeff Curran – 08/09/09
3. Dominick Cruz - Last fight: W vs. Joseph Benavidez – 08/09/09
4. Masakatsu Ueda - Last fight: W vs. Eduardo Dantas – 07/19/09
5. Joseph Benavidez - Last fight: L vs. Dominick Cruz – 08/09/09
6. Damacio Page - Last fight: W vs. Will Campuzano – 10/10/09
7. Akitoshi Tamura - Last fight: W vs. Manny Tapia – 04/05/09
8. Rani Yahya - Last fight: W vs. John Hosman – 08/09/09
9. Jeff Curran - Last fight: L vs. Takeya Mizugaki – 08/09/09
10. Yoshiro Maeda - Last fight: W vs. Chase Beebe – 10/25/09

Movements: Manny Tapia’s loss to Eddie Wineland bounces him from the rankings and in his place we get Maeda due to some neat MMAths (Maeda > Beebe > Wineland > Tapia). Damacio Page’s win moves him up a little, too.

Until next month, see ya.

Scott Newman:

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