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The Complete Composite MMA Rankings: November 2009
by Matt Ederer (MMA)
Posted on November 8, 2009, 12:17 PM

While watching Fedor Emilianenko mercilessly murder Brett Rogers' braincells last evening (and doing the same to my own through the combination of beer and other substances less legal than beer) my constituents and I got into many discussions about this wild sport of Mixed Martial Arts. As so many of us schooled in the art of shooting the shit can do, we got heated and laughed and yelled and bitched and waxed philosophical about something we only 'sort of' know. But then, really, who does know the MMA game? Who is the reputable source out there? Where do you go for your legitimate, inarguable MMA facts?

One of the biggest issues with this sport is that there is no real legitimate ranking system. The MMA world, as a sport, bears more of a resemblance to boxing, or dare I say professional wrestling than it does an NHL or NBA-type league, or even a PBA/PGA tour situation where through money winnings and statistical analysis, you can get a fairly comprehensive list of who is better than whom.

In MMA, there's no governing body (not one that anybody listens to or respects anyway). There are no *real* stats, and barring the ones that are just over the top and wild (such as Lyoto Machida's old "gets hit once every two and a half rounds" stat) the casual fan is certainly not paying attention to them in the first place. They want to know who's the best, who's the second best, and what's going to happen when those two guys throw down. Period.

This is where I hope to come in. Follow me here. Any bag of douche (including this one I suppose) could write a little top-10 MMA column, pepper it with his judgments and biases and attitude, and put it on his myspace page for every one of his fighter geek buddies and all the women who are busy not sleeping with him to read. I'm not aiming for that. This wont be a LESNAR ROOLZ LOL article. That's not what I'm about.

What I'm doing is taking all of the preexisting MMA rankings (and by all I mean those that I could think of off the top of my head, and the ones that looked legit when I googled them) and adding them together, in an effort to compile complete, inarguable, undisputed MMA rankings.

Here's how it works. I browse sites, get their top 10's. A top rank is worth 10 points (or 20 if I feel like that site is more legit) and a #10 rank is worth #1. You can do the math in between.

I'm not Galileo or Issac Newton. I've never even taken a stats class. I'm a casual fan. I'm writing this for the casual fan. I have a basic knowledge of numbers and how they work, and I have a basic idea of who to respect and who not to in the world of MMA. But I'm still new to this game and definitely am open for suggestions. If you've got sites that I should be using, if you think my scoring system is unfair, if you think certain sites should be scored higher, etc etc etc, I've got an email address and a ton of free time on my hands.

Consider this a work in progress, each and every month. Together, we'll nail this thing yet.

Here are the sites I used this month:


I also used rankings from Sports Illustrated, and from Sportsnet in Canada.

This month, the fighters could get a maximum of 100 points.

20 from Independent World MMA Rankings
20 from Sherdog
20 from USA today
20 from Fight Matrix (a site with a point system rewarding wins/good performances)
10 from Sportsnet
10 from Sports Illustrated

We'll start with heavyweight and go down to lightweight. I didn't include anything under lightweight because I drink Dana White's kool-aid and have not ever seen a Bantamweight fight. Incidentally, I'm sure they're lovely. Remember that the Strikeforce event from last night has not been taken into account yet. That will be reflected more in December's rankings.


#1 - Fedor Emlianenko (M1/Strikeforce/WAMMA Champ)- 100
#2 - Brock Lesnar (UFC Champ) - 90
#3 - Frank Mir (UFC) - 73
#4 - Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (UFC) - 71
#5 - Brett Rogers (Strikeforce) - 38
#6 - Junior Dos Santos (UFC) - 36
#7 - Josh Barnett (WVR) - 36
#8 - Shane Carwin (UFC) - 33
#9 - Alistair Overeem (DREAM/Strikeforce Champ) - 17
#10 - Randy Couture (UFC) - 16

Thoughts: What can you say about Fedor that hasn't already said about Jesus Christ or the Easter Bunny? The man is class, through and through. Brett Rogers really impressed me last night as well. His work ethic and attitude seems very conducive to great things.

You'll notice that Junior Dos Santos and Josh Barnett tied in points, but Jr. is ranked higher. I've decided that since I'm the one crunching these numbers each and every month, I've earned the right to the tiebreaker vote. And Junior Dos Santos gets the tiebreaker on account of the other guy is a pasty white-boy on steroids.


#1 - Lyoto Machida (UFC Champ) - 100
#2 - Rampage Jackson (UFC) - 85
#3 - Rashad Evans (UFC) - 82
#4 - Shogun Rua (UFC) - 72
#5 - Forrest Griffin (UFC) - 56
#6 - Gegard Mousasi (Strikeforce Champ) - 42
#7 - Thiago Silva (UFC) - 35
#8 - Anderson Silva (UFC) - 30
#9 - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (UFC) - 18
#10 - Dan Henderson (FA) - 11

Thoughts: Gegard Mousasi looks like he'd be a killer at 185. Then again, I said that about Lyoto Machida and all he's done is never lost a professional fight.

I think Tito Ortiz jumps back into the top 10 in December after he decisions Forrest at 106, probably knocking Dan Henderson out. Also pupmed for the future Lil' Nog vs Luiz Cane, who was the #11 LHW on this list. You also might have to watch for the winner of Couture/Vera, because they very well could find their way onto this list.


#1 - Anderson Silva (UFC Champ) - 100
#2 - Nate Marquardt (UFC) - 89
#3 - Dan Henderson (FA) - 81
#4 - Demian Maia (UFC) - 51
#5 - Jorge Santiago (WVR) - 50
#6 - Vitor Belfort (UFC) - 41
#7 - Chael Sonnen (UFC) - 37
#8 - Yushin Okami (UFC) - 29
#9 - Robbie Lawler (Strikeforce) - 21
#10 - Jake Shields (Strikeforce Champ) - 17

Thoughts: Congrats to Jake Shields for grinding Mayhem Miller's anus to a 5 round decision. Jake Sheilds: The horny frat boy on the dance floor. Just grind and grind and grind from behind until eventually, the night is over and you're on top.

I really, really badly want to see Dan Henderson go to strikeforce and knock out Jake Shields and then Robbie Lawler on back to back events. I'd be so pumped for CBS if that happened that I would watch Letterman. For a half hour.

Oh, and this just in. Anderson Silva is a good fighter. Remember when you thought he had no chance against Rich Franklin in that first fight years ago? Idiot.


#1 - Georges St. Pierre (UFC Champ) - 100
#2 - Jon Fitch (UFC) - 90
#3 - Thiago Alves (UFC) - 80
#4 - Josh Koscheck (UFC) - 61
#5 - Jake Shields (UFC) - 50
#6 - Mike Swick (UFC) - 41
#7 - Matt Hughes (UFC) - 38
#8 - Paulo Thiago (UFC) - 27
#9 - Carlos Condit (UFC) - 21
#10 - Marius Zaromskis (DREAM Champ) - 10

Thoughts: Got to love GSP because he's Canadian and if you're Canadian, you absolutely love everything Canadian and you don't even know why. I will say this though: I know it's because he's so damn good, but GSP is boring. His fights always make me go "wow", but it's not the fun "Wow, Gary Goodridge just killed that human being with his elbows" wow. It's more the "wow, he's really talented...I wonder if I can get those 25 minutes of my life back" wow.

That was me killing this paragraph bitching about nothing. It's because I don't care about anybody in this division aside from GSP and Rumble Johnson, who is unranked.


#1 - BJ Penn (UFC Champ) - 100
#2 - Shinya Aoki (DREAM Champ) - 90
#3 - Eddie Alvarez (DREAM/Bellator) - 76
#4 - Kenny Florian (UFC) - 61
#5 - Gray Maynard (UFC) - 47
#6 - Diego Sanchez (UFC) - 40
#7 - Tatsuya Kawajiri (DREAM) - 38
#8 - Frankie Edgar (UFC) - 35
#9 - Mizuto Hirota (WVR)- 22
#10 - Joachim Hansen (DREAM) - 17

Thoughts: The Lightweight division remains the only one in which Dana White can't break out his top hat and monocle. There is no UFC Monopoly here. However, you could make the case that nobody looks better in their respective weight class than BJ Penn at lightweight.

Shoutout to Eddie Alvarez. Nice to see a Bellator fighter ranked. Sick knockouts at Bellator.

Pretty good for a first time. Generally after the first time I have to apologize and cook pancakes, so this is a good step.

Get at me with feedback bitches. I'm on the facebook and the MSN and all that techy business, or email me at mattederer@hotmail.com .

Go Fedor!

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