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The Oratory's NFL Picks for the Thursday Nighter
by John Canton (NFL)
Posted on November 19, 2009, 10:40 AM

John: There's a Thursday game tonight. We'll post our picks for that game here. Check back tomorrow (Friday) late afternoon/early evening for the full weekly column with the rest of our picks.

Miami at Carolina 8:20 PM (Thu)
James: Carolina has really been on a tear of late, and Jake Delhomme is actually playing like an NFL quarterback should. However, they do have some big question marks as both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are listed as questionable for the game. Miami has their own problem as their #1 RB Ronnie Brown is out for the season with a foot injury. Because of this, I can't pick Miami here. Carolina 28 -- Miami 17

Matt: The Dolphins were not expected to win the division this year. As it stands they will be meeting expectations. The Wildcat was great when it was innovative, but it really isnít that difficult to defend after the defense has been coached on it for a week or so. I think the Panthers have turned the corner and are going to resume some of the dominance they showed at home last year. Good coaching and management can turn things around for a team, and these two teams exemplify that statement. As bad as the Panthers were at the beginning of the season, they took some pressure off of Delhomme and that seems to have made this into a new team. Panthers 28-24

John: It took the Panthers a while to realize they need to run the ball way more than they pass and now that they've come to realize that they're on the right path. Defensively Julius Peppers is playing really well because he's in a contract year. Chad Henne's had some decent games at home. On the road he's been pretty awful. I think they'll miss Ronnie Brown too, more than they'll say. Panthers 23-13

Thanks for reading. We'll see you tomorrow for the remaining 15 games in week eleven.

Enjoy the games.

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