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The Oratory's NFL Picks for Week 12 (Thanksgiving)
by John Canton (NFL)
Posted on November 26, 2009, 6:50 AM

John: These picks are going to be only for the three Thanksgiving games. We will post the picks for the rest of the games on Friday in the evening most likely.

Right now we've got Matt and myself with the picks. Not sure if James will get his in for Thursday, but when he writes his picks for the rest of the week we'll make sure he lets us know how he did.

Green Bay at Detroit 12:30 PM (Thu)
Matt: Barring a total collapse by the Vikings in the next several weeks, the Packers are in a dogfight for one of the highly contested NFC wildcard slots. Luckily for them they get to play the Lions this week. No reason to expect anything different than the first meeting between these two teams. Packers 20-3

John: The Pack's defense has showed up the past couple of weeks with impressive victories although they have taken a hit by losing a pass rusher in Aaron Kampman and their number two corner, Al "Milli Vanilli" Harris, for the year. However, against a Lions team that is playing Daunte Culpepper at QB and has a banged up star WR in Calvin Johnson I think the Pack's D will hold up just fine. Offensively the Pack are very strong with Aaron Rodgers playing at a Pro Bowl level and Ryan Grant entering his patented mode of being a great back in the second half of the year. The combined score of the Lions last five Thanksgiving Day games, all losess? 179-62. Throw another log on the fire, boys. Packers 31-13

Oakland at Dallas 4:15 PM (Thu)
Matt: Those responsible for deciding these games must have figured that people would watch no matter how bad they were. They couldnít avoid putting the Lions on, but the Raiders? Iíd love to see another the Raiders play spoiler in the NFC East against the Cowboys the same way I loved seeing them play spoiler in the AFC North against the Bengals last week. Romo should be getting one last win before going into his December choke mode. Then again, I donít know how you can blame him solely based on the games remaining after this week. Cowboys 28-16

John: I understand why this game is on. The Raiders are a popular team. Due to scheduling quirks, they only play the Cowboys on the road once every eight years. The NFL feels like putting them in this game for that reason. The NFL also figures that since nothing else is on they'll watch a blowout, so why put on a good game? I'd rather see something like Giants/Cowboys or Eagles/Cowboys in this spot. As for the game, the Raiders are pesky at home sometimes. They've scored some wins against decent teams like the Eagles and Bengals (I'm still bitter about last week, by the way). On the road they suck big time. Dallas' offense has struggled a bit the last couple of weeks, so I don't see them scoring over 40 or anything like that. Defensively they're strong, though, which should lead to a comfortable win. Cowboys 24-10

NY Giants at Denver 8:20 PM (Thu)
Matt: Remember when these two teams looked unstoppable? Now it feels like a question of who is going to be able to avoid making the critical mistakes that have cost each team their four losses. The knock on Denver right now is that they donít have the ability to outlast teams. A team that falls apart in the end of the game is a team to pick against each and every week. Giants 20-17

John: I've been seeing all week that people are saying this is a good game. My reaction to that is huh? Denver has lost four straight while the Giants have lost four of five. They barely won last week. A game with two teams that are a combined 1-8 in their last nine total games is good? I don't think so. The Broncos have predictably fallen back to Earth after a surprising 6-0 start. They're just not that talented. Teams have figured them out. I'm not sure what to think of the Giants. It's just that on paper they should be a better team than the Broncos. I like them here even on the road in primetime. It's must win for both if they want a berth in the playoffs. I'll go wit the GMen in an ugly, defensive nailbiter. Giants 20-17

We'll see you on Friday evening for the rest of the picks as well as the results from last week.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the games.

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