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NFL Picks for Week 13 Thursday Nighter
by John Canton (NFL)
Posted on December 3, 2009, 10:07 AM

This is our pick for tonight's game. We'll have the rest of the 15 games this week posted tomorrow like usual.

NY Jets @ Buffalo 8:20 (Thursday in Toronto)
James: What a shock that once the Bills got rid of probably the worst head coach in football, they started playing better. T.O. actually seems to have some chemistry with Ryan Fitzpatrick, of all people, too. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to pick the Bills to win a game. This Jets team that just does not impress me in any facet right now. Buffalo 28 -- New York 20

Matt: Leave it to the Bills to find a way to turn home games into away games. The Bills and the Jets seem to both be that rare breed of team that has no identity. Both teams should be good and close to the playoff picture if not in the middle of it. I donít really think that one team is that much better than the other in this case. Canít really use home or away statistics, not that it matters since they seem to be pretty even in that regard anyway. Canít rely on the outcome of the prior matchup this year either due to injuries and coaching changes. The Jets running game is pretty strong whereas the Bills couldnít stop the potent running attack of the Cleveland Browns. Actually, this one is pretty simple after all. Jets 24-10

John: I picked the Bills last week to beat Miami and they did. I'm picking them this week too. Forget about the first nine game and look how hard they played in the last two. They quit on Dick Jauron early in the season. Now with their new coach Perry Fewell they are busting their ass and they want to win for him. I never understood why it took them so long to realize Terrell Owens is their best weapon. The last two games he dominated. Once that happens, it opens the field up for Lee Evans and their running game with Fred Jackson. I'm still not impressed by the Jets to pick them on the road. Make no mistake, this is a home game for the Bills. They're in that building because they're getting paid $10 million by the Toronto group to host it. Why turn out guaranteed money like that? And I think they'll do it thanks to that offense that is finally showing the potential we thought it had way back in week one. Bills 24-14

We'll see you tomorrow for the rest of week 13.

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