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Miller Computer Rankings Week 5
by Brian Miller (NCAA Football)
Posted on October 1, 2006, 10:02 PM

Welcome to the Miller Computer Rankings. For a technical explanation of the rankings, click here. It’s important to realize the nature of my poll, it’s not intended to predict a team’s performance or who’ll likely play for the national championship, but to evaluate a team’s performance over the year, which is the only objective criteria we do have in terms of determining the best team. As it’s still relatively early in the season the data is still variable and expect movement in the rankings before the data starts to settle. Each week the rankings will be broken down in three parts, the Top 25 and Bottom 5 along with brief analysis and a link to the updated complete rankings and ratings at the bottom.

Top 25

1. Florida (5-0) – Alabama (3-2) played the Gators tough, but Urban Meyer put his experience from last year to use in getting Florida the victory and the #1 spot in my poll again.
2. USC (4-0) – The Trojans continue on their march to beat plenty of “good, but not great teams” this year by taking out Washington State (3-2) in a surprisingly close contest.
3. Ohio State (5-0) – Went out in a completely hostile environment in Kinnick Stadium and simply outplayed the Iowa Hawkeyes from bell to bell. This team is for real and doesn’t face another big challenge until a showdown against potentially undefeated Michigan.
4. Michigan (5-0) – When your competitors for the #1 spot all face tough competition and win and you beat up on an average Minnesota (2-3) team, don’t expect to hold onto that #1 ranking.
5. Auburn (5-0) – South Carolina (3-2) finally showed some promise in their loss to the Tigers, but Auburn held on to win the game and to hold onto their spot at #5 in the rankings.
6. Notre Dame (4-1) – Have finished the “tough” part of their schedule with a win over Purdue (4-1), but expect their strength of schedule to fall as Michigan State continues to fall apart and Purdue doesn’t live up to their earlier unbeaten record.
7. Oregon (4-0) – Dismantled an Arizona State (3-2) team that may not be as good as advertised earlier in the year.
8. Louisville (4-0) – Louisville drops a spot due to inactivity, but next week they get more target practice when facing off against Middle Tennessee State (2-2). I’d warn against looking ahead to West Virginia, but Louisville can probably get away with it the next three weeks.
9. Washington (4-1) – Beat Arizona (2-3) to little fanfare or surprise. Say it with me everyone, Arizona is a basketball school and when basketball schools lose in football it’s just another day at the office.
10. Rutgers (5-0) – The Scarlet Knights squeaked one out against South Florida (3-2) this past week. How Rutgers will fare when they face top competition remains a mystery to everyone.
11. Oklahoma (3-1) – Red River next week will either prove the Sooners as a Top 10 team or it will allow for Texas to finally crack the Top 25 after hanging around at #26 for the past two weeks.
12. Tennessee (4-1) – Beat a Memphis (1-3) team that isn’t even close to being as good as they were with DeAngelo Williams. The Volunteers have a pretty brutal four game stretch coming up which will place them in the SEC’s pecking order.
13. Boise State (5-0) – Utah (3-2) didn’t prove to be as much a challenge for the Broncos as was expected. With TCU losing this last week, Boise State has the inside track to garner the potential minor conference BCS bowl bid.
14. Wake Forest (5-0) – Showed DIAA Liberty what for this past week. However, next week Clemson comes to Wake and things might get ugly as Clemson is running hot.
15. West Virginia (4-0) – They had the week off, which is basically the case until they face Louisville. Oh, to play in the Big East and be assured of a winning conference record every year would be sweet.
16. Georgia (5-0) – Continued their trend of barely slipping past vastly inferior opponents, this week beating Ole Miss (1-4). That won’t work next week against Tennessee so the Bulldogs better straighten their offense out this week.
17. Iowa (4-1) – A loss to Ohio State isn’t the end of the world, but it did bring back questions about Iowa getting over the hump from good team to contender.
18. LSU (4-1) – Mississippi State (1-4) proved little competition this past week. Challenge #2 for this season comes next week against Florida.
19. California (4-1) – Continue their run after their opening loss to Tennessee, this week they handily beat Oregon State (2-2).
20. Missouri (5-0) – They beat Colorado (0-5) to little surprise to continue their early run. They face Texas Tech and Texas A&M over the next two weeks in what will be their first big challenges.
21. Boston College (4-1) – Beating a DIAA opponent is not the way to climb back to the top. Beating VT on a nationally televised Thursday night game would help though.
22. Clemson (4-1) – Made short work of Louisiana Tech (1-3); next week they get a crack at bringing Wake Forest down to earth and I’d imagine they’ll do just that.
23. Texas Tech (4-1) – Beat Texas A&M (4-1) to take their spot in the Top 25 and next get to shoot at moving up at the expense of Missouri.
24. Georgia Tech (4-1) – Came to Blacksburg and beat Virginia Tech (4-1) to basically take their spot in the Top 25. The Yellow Jackets hold the driver seat in the ACC race, but there’s plenty of games left to be played.
25. Arkansas (3-1) – Had a bye week, but enough other stuff happened to keep them in the Top 25. Next week they match-up with Auburn in yet another confrontation for a spot in the Top 25.

Bottom 5

115. Duke (0-4) – The Blue Devils got boxed around the ears by Virginia (2-3) and Duke fans can only wonder, “Is it basketball season yet?”
116. Florida International (0-5) – Their arch-nemesis program Florida Atlantic (1-4) finally scored their first win of the year this past week. International didn’t have the same luck dropping one to conference foe Arkansas State (2-2).
117. Utah State (0-5) – Dennis Erickson has the Idaho Vandals improving over last year’s poor performance, leading them to a 2-3 record including last week’s win over woeful Utah State. You know your teams not good when your space is devoted to talking about Idaho, instead of your program.
118. Miami-Ohio (0-5) – Fell victim to the Cincinnati Bearcats (2-3) this last week; unlike the Bearcats who have dropped games to OSU, Pitt, and VT, Miami continues to lose to just bad teams.
119. Eastern Michigan (0-5) – The best way to hold onto the much vaunted #119 spot in my computer rankings? Keep losing to teams with crazy nicknames, this week Eastern Michigan lost to the Rajun’ Cajuns of UL-Lafayette (2-2).

Complete Rankings and Ratings

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